Gojo Satoru Is Not Your Typical Sensei From The World Of Anime

In the sea of same and similar characters that we see in a lot of anime titles today, Gojo Satoru from “Jujutsu Kaisen” stands out among the crowd. It’s not only because of his powers, even his personalities and other traits that he has made people love this teacher from the Jujutsu High. Let’s know more about him in this article. However, you can also check out other Anime characters names with unique personalities and abilities.

The very strong limitless technique was obtained from the legacy of the Gojo family, aka from generation to generation. The strength of this one is closely related to space. So that it is possible to manipulate space very precisely. However, the details of these strengths have not been explained in too much detail.

Then, Gojo also has the power of infinity where he can slow down and slow down various things. This power makes it easier to defeat the evil curses and makes him the most feared figure. It can be said that the power it has is overpowered.

Additionally, Gojo is the only magician who has the power of the six eyes. However, it is not certain how this power will be displayed and how strong the impact will be for the enemy.

Furthermore, Unlike the elders who seemed old-fashioned, Saturo Gojo cared about successors. He even really cares for his students. Not infrequently training quite extreme but also very well protected. There are some children who he thinks have the potential to become great magicians like himself. Gojo believes that adore is one of them!

Even though he is dubbed the strongest character, he is not always serious. His behavior invited laughter. Already strong and humorous, how can this one character be disliked if he has a perfect character. Even Shonen Jump announced that Satoru is one of the three most popular characters in the poll conducted by fans.

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