Design Creativity On The Walls Of A Wooden House

Wooden-walled houses are currently very popular. Creativity is the use of wooden walls that is not limited to only vertical or horizontal forms. With many people starting to understand and create various kinds of wooden house designs, this makes wooden houses have many devotees. From different home interior design styles as well as the presentation of unique and easy-to-reach wooden walls. For example, we can see in a family room that is designed using a pile of wood in the form of a circle, a wooden wall like a tall work of art that you will get. In addition, you can apply a glossy color during the process on the walls of a wooden house. But for the maintenance of this wooden house is not easy. You must know that wood is very liked by termites and is usually also very overgrown with fungus. Here’s what you should know is how to overcome it.

How to prevent the wood from being eaten by termites must be done so as not to cause harmful damage, especially to vital parts of the house. Roof frames or parts of doors and windows, which are most likely all still made of wood, must be protected. An effective prevention step that you can take is that you can start from the bottom or the beginning of the selection of wood to be used as a building material.

This is because some woods have high resistance to termite attacks, or rather termites are not attracted to certain types of wood. You must already know that wood does not only have one type but has various types with different qualities. Some of them are teak and ironwood. But unfortunately, the price of this type of wood is too expensive and less affordable for many people today.

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